Resist! A new world is around the corner


On the 100th day of the Tump Administration the People’s Climate March will see people taking to the streets across the US, in a week of action that was kicked off by the global March For Science last weekend. Along with the growing resistance to Trump’s climate inaction, businesses are jumping on what is becoming a runaway clean energy train, seeing coal off the market as renewables surge in. The daily feed of good news from around the globe on climate action trumps Trump’s policies and his allegiances to fossil fuel magnates, while polls show the American people are not with him, increasingly realising that climate change is here, now, and there is no time for delay.


Key Points

  • People across the US, and globally, are gearing up to take to the streets in the People’s Climate March on Saturday, and the lead march, in Washington DC, is shaping up for another huge turnout. Among the many events planned week is a speakout from the Our Children’s Trust youth suing President Trump – on the steps of the Supreme Court. The face of resistance is multicultural, and diverse – from indigenous peoples to labor movements, young people and old, reflecting the continued stream of polls showing the majority of Americans accept climate science, take it personally, and don’t accept cuts to programs addressing it.
  • The march will take place against a background of ongoing good news on the growth of renewables and action on climate change, with a new report showing that 48 percent of Fortune 100 companies have at least one climate or clean energy target, up five percent from 2014, and significant numbers of them are setting a 100 percent renewable energy goal.  The UK just marked its first day of electricity generation without coal since the industrial revolution, and China has just announced it aims to generate 20 percent of electricity with non-fossil fuels by 2030. The inexorable rise of clean energy is a reason to resist, and to have hope for a future where all leaders embrace the urgent action the climate crisis requires.
  • Resistance to Trump’s administration is steadfast, and must continue as, despite his relentless attacks on anything environmental, there is a new world around the corner.  While he might be removing the references to renewables on the Department of Energy website, that pales into comparison with news that global wind energy is set to nearly double in five years.  While Trump might want to prop up coal, it wasn’t Obama’s policies that caused the industry’s decline, but rather gas prices and global market pressures, according to a new report out today, which warns that if the situation continues, coal’s decline is inevitable.