Faith leaders call for fossil free future as climate talks continue


As negotiators in Bonn continue to grapple with the draft text for December’s climate talks, faith leaders are, today, offering governments a timely reminder of just what is expected of them by their citizens. In a statement handed over to UN climate chief Christiana Figueres, 154 leaders representing people of faith from across the globe are calling for an ambitious and transformative climate deal to be signed in Paris that will protect the world’s poorest and put the world on a pathway away from polluting fossil fuels and towards a 100 per cent renewable energy future. In doing so they join faith leaders, along with leaders from all walks of life demanding strong climate action and leading the way towards a future free from dangerous climate change.


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  • “We urge governments to commit to building climate resilience, phasing out fossil energies and reaching zero emissions by mid century. We call for a robust mechanism to review and ratchet up ambitions, transparency and accountability rules applicable to all, and the provision of finance and support to poor and vulnerable countries.” – Cornelia Füllkrug-Weitzel, Director of Bread for the World, Germany
  • “Guided by our religious beliefs, we as faith leaders have come together to call for an ambitious Paris outcome. In the past month the UN family has decided to take responsibility for both, environment and humankind by approving the Agenda 2030. In Paris the heads of states and governments have the chance to give evidence, how serious they are. The survival of millions of human beings depends on them.” – Karin Kortmann, Vice President of the Central Committee of German Catholics

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