Top NASA scientist calls for climate action to global halt temperature rise


Climate scientist Jim Hansen’s latest study shows that climate change has ‘caused’ massive increases in areas subject to extreme warming over that past 30yrs. Global warming has changed the game, the ‘climate dice’ are now ‘loaded’ in favour of dangerous extreme weather. To reduce the risks to public health we need climate action now.


Hansen et al: “Extreme Heat Waves … in Texas and Oklahoma in 2011 and Moscow in 2010 Were ‘Caused’ by Global Warming”

Key Points

  • New study shows extremely hot temps now cover 10% of global land area, up from 1% 30yrs ago
  • Top NASA scientist says killer heatwaves in TexasRussia, & France ‘caused’ by climate change
  • Many studies now link dangerous extreme heat events to climate change, we must act on this


Top NASA/climate scientist Jim Hansen has released a new study which adds to a body of existing evidence proving the links between climate change and extreme heat events. This study is unique in the magnitude its two key findings: 1. The hottest areas of the world have increased in area from 1% land area to 30% over 30yrs. 2. The deadly heatwaves in the USA (2011), Russia (2010), and France (2003) were ‘caused’ by climate change.

The study puts all this in context by saying that global warming has created conditions where the ‘climate dice’ (which represent the chances of getting extreme weather) have become ‘loaded’ (they are fixed and bias towards extreme events). In a world with such increased risks to public health and safety associated with extreme weather we need climate action now.


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