Rise of CO2 levels in time-lapse infographic

CarbonTracker, a project of the U.S. government’s National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration’s Earth System Research Laboratory, has produced a telling time-lapse video chart of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) concentrations starting in January of 1979 and ending in January of 2011. Measurements were taken in dozens of locations around the world (the red ball measures CO2 in Hawaii and the blue dot measures CO2 at the South Pole):

You’ll notice the dramatic run up in CO2 concentrations since 1979 in comparison to the previous 800,000 years of history. There is no doubt we are dramatically altering the chemical makeup of our atmosphere and if you doubt the connection to global temperature rise, look at the following chart which tracks measured mean land-sea temperatures by NASA:

Global Land-Sea Temperature Rise

The same time period beginning in the late 1970’s shows a rapid increase in average temperatures, that corresponds directly with the increase in CO2 concentrations.

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