Nationwide coalition plans “epic” rally during April climate talks in Quebec


On April 11, people from all walks of life will march through Quebec streets demanding action from government leaders to seriously address climate change in Canada. Act on Climate, a coalition of environmental groups, students, unions, First Nations, and grassroots organizers will bring together thousands of people while Canadian premiers follow up on climate talks initiated in Peru. On the heels of September’s People’s Climate March and December’s Lima protests, this mass mobilisation is the latest effort to test leaders — especially from Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia —  on their commitment to act on climate and move away from fossil fuel industries. With national targets due next month (INDCs), this rally will signal support for a strong domestic and global climate agreement as the international community gears up for December UN talks in Paris.


RT @MikeHudema Big news! Join us in #Quebec April 11 & tell #Canada the time to #ActOnClimate is NOW  #cdnpoli


  • Hashtags in use: #ActOnClimate
  • RSVP here to attend rally

Key Points

  • To change everything, we need everyone. Climate change will affect everyone, and to solve the crisis, everyone’s voice must be heard to provide solutions that don’t jeopardize the health and safety of communities. Act on Climate is bringing together a coalition of diverse voices that are committed to marching in solidarity for the people and the planet.
  • Communities are telling their leaders that they will hold them accountable for their future. People from all walks of life will demand that the future of the environment be safe from the ravages of climate change and that it include an economy that works for everyone. With pipeline projects and other tar sands related activities underway, this rally is a national moment for people to strike a chord with provincial leaders and pressure them to support the transition towards a 100% clean energy future.
  • Government leaders have a chance to prove that their actions speak louder than words. During Lima talks, Quebec Minister of Sustainable Development David Heurtel affirmed that “we need to pave our way to the Paris conference of 2015 with concrete commitments.” It’s now up to leaders participating in this climate summit to actually provide measurable solutions beyond pledges.