Canada earns failing grade in climate progress report


While many of the world’s major economies are attempting to mitigate climate change, Canada is tailing behind, according to a recent report. Despite committing to reducing emissions by 17 per cent below 2005 levels, The Star reports that Canada is “slipping backward” in their emission targets, and will likely not meet them by 2020. Canada isn’t alone in their low rankings – Japan was initially supposed to reduce their emissions by 25 per cent, but is now pledging a less ambitious target of 3.8 per cent. Australia, China and India will likely not meet their targets, while the US is keeping up with their commitments. The Star’s analysis comes three months after the IPCC’s AR5 report stating that emissions must be cut by 40 to 70 per cent by 2050 in order to “avert disaster.”


RT @SierraClubCan It’s #ClimateChange report card time! Canada’s getting failing grades…