Germany eyes 95% emissions reductions target


Germany could soon be a step closer to implementing the December’s historic Paris climate agreement with reports it is mulling a target to reduce emissions 95 per cent on 1990 levels by 2050. Europe’s economic powerhouse joined others this month in calling for more ambitious emission reduction targets in light of the agreement, and a 95 per cent target would add greater momentum to this call. A leader in clean energy – with nearly 33 per cent of power demand met with renewables last year – Germany’s latest plan would still be a “mammoth task” that would leave “no sector… excluded.” Eyes will now be on the German government to see its promise through by moving past  dirty energy – namely coal – in favour of a cleaner energy future.



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  • “[It is a] mammoth task with profound implications… No sector will be excluded from this transition.” – Environment minister Barbara Hendricks

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