UK citizens ‘show the love’ for a clean energy future


From schools, to churches, the Women’s Institute to sports teams and surfers, UK citizens will come together this Valentine’s Day to show their love of climate action. Wearing their green hearts on their sleeves and writing love letters for the climate, this week, individuals, organisations, and businesses will be standing up for all they could lose to climate change, while also leading the charge and joining the unstoppable movement going 100 per cent renewable – calling on their government do the same. The UK is making progress: its emissions fell eight per cent in 2014, thanks to warm weather, the deployment of renewables and a reduction in coal. But recent cuts to clean energy support have seen the country roll backwards and new, ambitious policies are needed to get it back on track.



Key Points

  • The spotlight is now on MPs to live up to the climate commitments made in their citizens’ name. In Paris last December the UK joined nearly 200 other nations in supporting an end to the fossil fuel era demanded by its citizens. Central to this commitment will be an ambitious fifth carbon budget – for 2028 to 2032 – backed up by strong policies that help drive the 100 per cent renewable energy transition.



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