Fossil fuels put on notice as Break Free rolls into North America


Continuing what is already a global run of direct and impactful climate actions, Break Free 2016 is now about to hit full stride the Unites States and Canada. These public demonstrations zero-in on some of the world’s most dangerous oil, gas and coal projects, and so far, activists have shut down the  biggest coal mine in the UK and while in Australia, the world’s largest coal port. In Los Angeles and Chicago, activists will highlight the danger of oil and gas in cities, while people in Albany will be standing up to oil by rail, and the Pacific Northwest will focus primarily on protecting the coast from fossil fuel impacts. In Washington, DC the focus will be offshore drilling. As demonstrators taking aim at domestic energy policies that fail to live up to international climate commitments, Break Free is the latest call from the grassroots to world leaders to limit warming to 1.5 degrees by accelerating the transition  towards a renewable-only future.



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Key Points


  • The world has to break free from fossil fuels and move towards 100 per cent renewable energy to avoid the worst consequences of climate change. When world leaders committed to cut carbon pollution and keep global warming below 1.5DegC,it sent a signal that the fossil fuel era is over. But that era can’t end if fossil fuel projects continue, and Break Free 2016 aims to make leaders fulfill their commitments.


Break Free is an unprecedented mobilization bringing together  local,international,grassroots and regional groups  to stop fossil fuel projects on all six continents, demonstrating the global resolve to transition away from fossil fuels and towards 100 per cent renewable energy. When  countries pledged to take climate action that would contain the world’s warming to 1.5DegC last December, it meant that business and governmental leaders would have to begin shifting away from supporting fossil fuel projects. Break Free aims to highlight those projects whose existence contradicts any statements pledging to take climate action.

With more than a dozen major mobilizations, Break Free will demonstrate that the climate movement is prepared to escalate resistance to new and existing fossil fuel projects, hold governments to their word, and build a future free from the power and pollution of the fossil fuel industry. Peaceful direct actions will disrupt the industry’s power by targeting iconic fossil fuel projects and also shine a light on the ambitious solutions that already exist – from coal plants in Turkey and the Philippines, to mines in Germany and Australia, to fracking in Brazil and oil wells in Nigeria.



Info on actions

Denver, May 12-14th

  • As the Bureau of Land Management intends to hold a fossil fuel auction the movement intends to be there to tell them to keep it in the ground! They will be mobilizing first at the BLM auction and then a few days later in a community working to defend itself from fracking near Denver.
  • Click here to learn more

Washington, May 13th and 14th

  • The Pacific Northwest actions are weekend of workshops and demonstrations including several water actions featuring kayaks doing awesome stuff. Over three days, people will put their bodies on the line to stop the flow of oil into and out of the March Point refineries.
  • Click here to learn more

Washington DC, May 14th

  • People will demand that President Obama stop all new offshore drilling in the Arctic, Atlantic, and the Gulf of Mexico. The Obama administration recently took the Atlantic out of their 5-year offshore drilling plan. But the current plan still includes drilling in the Arctic and Gulf Coast. If the President is going to meet the Paris Climate goals, the federal government needs to get out of the fossil fuel business and keep this dirty oil where it is.
  • Click here to learn more

Albany, May 14th

  • People from across the Northeast will stop oil trains in the port of Albany with their bodies. They will stop the “bomb train,” and make it clear that the health and safety of the residents of Albany matter.
  • Click here to learn more

Los Angeles, May 14th

  • Californians from across the state will convene in downtown Los Angeles, march through the heart of what has become California’s stronghold of the fossil fuel industry, and demand that our elected leaders put an end to the oil and gas production that threatens people’s health, environment, and future.
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Miami, May 14th

  • People will be mobilizing to call out Florida Power and Light for their destructive and deceptive behavior regarding nuclear waste leaks from Turkey Point, keeping fossil fuels in the ground, and calling for cleaning up Biscayne Bay and transitioning to renewable energy now.
  • Click here to learn more

Vancouver, May 14th

  • People power will take to the water and the shore in Metro-Vancouver and unceded Coast Salish Territories, to demonstrate that people power and 100% renewable energy are the future.we’ll encircle the Kinder Morgan facility on the ground and on the water. On the water, we’ll create a mass flotilla of kayaks and canoes.We’ll cross the Burrard Inlet to swarm the tanker terminal for the Kinder Morgan facility, which could see over 400 tankers a year putting the coast at risk if the project is approved.
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St. Augustine, Florida May 15th

  • The Environmental Youth Council is supporting a “March for Future Generation-Break Free from Fossil Fuels.”  The Center for Biological Diversity, The Matanzas Riverkeeper, The Unitarian Universalist Community of St. Augustine, Rainforest Action Network, Friends of the Earth will join in urging President Obama and world leaders to leave fossil fuels in the ground and embrace a sustainable clean energy future.
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Chicago, May 15th

  • A rally will take place in the Whiting Lakefront Park near the BP Whiting Refinery and near the 2014 oil spill into the waters of Lake Michigan. Citizens will demand a just transition from fossil fuels to a sustainable future, a transition that does not harm communities already devastated by fossil fuel addiction.
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