Canada barely misses last place in latest global climate performance rankings


Canada is just short of holding last place for lagging on climate action, according to GermanWatch and CAN Europe’s latest Climate Change Index Report. The report, released in conjunction with climate negotiations in Peru, ranks the world’s highest emitters of greenhouse gas emissions among industrial countries. Placing Canada in 58th position out a possible 61 slots, the report also notes that those with the poorest performance record are also countries with the most abundant fossil fuel resources. Australia was identified as the worst-performing industrial country in the world.

Key Points

  • Canada is running out of excuses for avoiding a more ambitious stance on climateEarlier this year, Canada was heavily scrutinized for being a “climate villain” among OECD countries, ranking dead last in the latest Climate Change Performance Index. With study after study revealing Canada’s poor performance in fighting climate change, Canada’s federal government can expect to face increased political pressure to act swiftly as the country is increasingly pushed into the limelight.
  • It is clear which governments are already part of the solution, and Canada isn’t yet among them.  New rankings by Germanwatch show that Denmark, Sweden and Morocco are the world’s best performing countries on climate action. On the flipside, the report also reveals that countries like Canada, Australia and Poland are poor performers and sliding backwards. Those opposed toclimate action are increasingly isolated at the international stage, and their energy choices will determine whether they end up on the right or wrong side of history.
  • Strong leadership on climate and energy policy is crucial to curbing imminent risks brought on by Canada’s tar sands. As this year’s COP 20 is underway in Peru and major nation leaders are taking ambitious steps on climate, it’s now up to Canada’s provincial and federal leadership to follow suit and firmly commit to phasing out fossil fuels completely.



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  • “It is interesting that the bottom six countries in the ranking – Russia, Iran, Canada, Kazakhstan, Australia and Saudi Arabia – all have a lot of fossil fuel resources. It is a curse. The fossil fuel lobbies in the countries are strong. In Australia they stopped what were some very good carbon laws.” Jan Burck, Germanwatch

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